Back to School: It Doesn’t Matter

Teachers, it doesn’t matter. You can tell yourself it does, but it doesn’t. 

Stop wondering about what colour to dye clothes pins.

Stop questioning what theme you should decorate your classroom.

Stop obsessing over how you should organize every scrap of construction paper at your art station.

Stop contemplating buying a 100$ personalized school planner.

Stop making sure absolutely every pencil holder in your classroom matches every other little item.

Start wondering how clothes pins can be added to your loose parts play area to promote creative thinking.

Start questioning the themes your students will be interested in during the upcoming school year, in order to plan meaningful learning opportunities.

Start obsessing over how you organize your materials best for your students’ needs.

Start writing down all your ideas in a coil notebook in perfect printing or chicken scratch – make it look unique.

Start making sure absolutely every tiny little detail about your teaching matches every tiny little student coming into your classroom.

Sit back. Relax. Clean your classroom. Make it organized. Make it you.

Stop thinking it matters.
Start thinking the pedagogy matters more.