Not A Turkey In Sight: Thanksgiving

Toiler paper roll turkey? Hard pass. It’s just not me.
I like to build lots of language into the activities we do. I also like to throw the religion piece in there.
In my classroom, Thanksgiving is all about thanking God for what we have in our lives. We take a solid three or four days doing Thanksgiving activities.

First, I create the word “Thank You God for” on individual pieces of paper. The students and I practice how to arrange the words of the sentence properly. We talk about how word make up a sentence. Then we think of something they are thankful for and place it at the end of the sentence. Afterwards, students do this individually with myself, and they learn how to take a picture with the iPad.





They usually have to stand on a chair to get everything in the frame.

Afterwards, I put all their photos into the app SonicPics where they then record their voices. You can check out my PM class’ video here!

The next day, the students basically do the same activity only individually with their own set of small words. I ask them to do it on a 4×6 index card so the papers can easily be slipped into a photo book from the dollar store. Students also need to brainstorm their own idea rather than finding an item in the classroom. I also have some visual supports we practice with on the Smart Board.





Here are a few examples of student work.





Afterwards, the students can “read” the book together.




During the week leading up to Thanksgiving, the students also practice a Thanksgiving poem.


I came up with a nice keepsake idea. This way the students can take the prayer home and if they need help saying it at Thanksgiving dinner, their family will know how the prayer goes. Since we have also been practicing the sign of the cross, the students used yarn and cardboard to add one to their work.




Gotta love me some Mod Podge! That’s the fancy glue we used to adhere the poem to the artist canvas. Also gotta love a nice Michael’s 50% off coupon because that stuff is pricey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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