FrameMagic: All About Me

I love using two photography apps in the classroom: PicCollage and FrameMagic. It’s still the beginning of the organized hearing cats chaos, so my students haven’t gotten their hands on these apps yet, but it have been using them to document.

FrameMagic is GREAT for combining 2-30 photos into one collage-type photo. Bonus: I only need to store that one photo on my iPad, and it also takes up less room in my Photo Stream. Yay!

We read the book “The Best Part Of Me”.


Then the students drew self portraits. Simple ones. Black marker, white paper, print your name up top, leave room for your teacher to document your sweet sweet quote at the bottom, spend one hour gluing them and making them all look pretty, kinda simple. I took photos of all the finished products, then used the multiple selection function in FrameMagic to make the magic happen.


I threw each individual photo in the students e-portfolios! then deleted those bad boys off my device. They were everywhere they needed to be, so SEE YA LATER!

The students told them the best part of themselves while they were drawing, and I typed their quote as they worked. Afterwards, I took a picture of the best part of them they had verbalized to me earlier. Again, I used FrameMagic to collage the photos, and it think this will look great in the classroom.