“Change Is Good” (#kinderblog14, week 1)

Aca-scuse me? Change is NOT good. If I had even a nickel for every time someone has told me that this past school year, I’d be floating on my private yacht on the Mediterranean Sea. And I live in The Canada, people.

Next year, I am moving to a new school. This. Frightens. The CHEESE RITZ CRACKERS out of me. I am a creature of habit through and through. I am ok with SOME change, but I would say I am even a creature of habit when it comes to the things I change in my life. For example, I can change what kind of cereal I eat in the morning, but when changing to a different kind of cereal, you better believe I’m going to eat it every single morning until that box is empty, without fail. Consistency, people. Consistency. And routine.

The best way I can describe this past school year is by using the word “turbulent”. I wasn’t myself. My friends and family noticed and ultimately got the eye of the storm for most of my “turbulent” school situations. As the school year continued on, it was clear these situations were isolated to my job. My #kinderchat friends were there to support me. My family was there to support me. Food was there to support me. Not going in to school to work on the weekends was there to support me. I loved my students, loved my grade, loved my families, loved everything that had to do with anything I had control over in my classroom, but it was the cloud up above that was affecting me. You all know the cloud. It’s the one that holds all the “outside the classroom” storms.

I am moving to a new school by choice. Why would a creature of habit CHOOSE to change their life so drastically, you might ask? (Ahem, YES this is a drastic change and you can’t convince me otherwise). I am making this change for MY HEART and not for my head. It has taken a year of tears and reflection for me to ultimately realize that my heart is the most important aspect to my job as a teacher. (Oh my goodness, cue the corny I KNOW). When it came down to a choice between two job options, one was clearly for the heart and one was clearly for the head. The weight that was lifted off my chest and shoulders after I had made the right decision was so great, I felt like a new person.

I learned a lot this past school year. I didn’t learn how to blog with my students, how a robotics program works, or how to teach my students how to code. I didn’t learn new science experiments, new ways to teach measurement in math, or how to best empty a water table full of smooshed up jelly-like water beads (you really gotta just go full force rubber gloves on that one). I learned how to be me as a teacher, while letting others find their way.
I learned that change for the heart is good.


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  1. faige
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 14:15:01

    Sometimes the hearts got to lead. Wonderful reflection about your decision to “change.”


  2. Miss Night
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 15:01:41

    Girlfriend, 5 years ago, I made a similar change, for similar reasons. On the last day at my old school, my car jam-packed with all my teaching stuff, I drove down the road and cried – not out of sadness but out of relief. It was scary and it WAS drastic, but it was right, and it changed my whole world in the best possible ways. I have faith that your big change will turn out the same way. xoxo


  3. Michelle Hiebert
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 15:38:19

    You go girl! Change is scary, but the #kinderchat is right there behind you and beside you as you step out into this new situation! I am so proud of you. πŸ˜ƒ


  4. Patty Nault
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 18:40:30

    “I learned how to be me as a teacher, while letting others find their way.”

    I am going to write this line in my planning book for the upcoming year. It will remind me to lead by example rather than try to control, fix, help, nuture a changing team. It won’t be easy but I need to keep the flame of passion for kids in the forefront ALWAYS! The adults will eventually figure it out. Mistakes are okay!

    We are experiencing enormous change in our building this year too. Your post reminds me of how change can be terrifying but also invigorating. Whenever you follow your heart it’s the right decision. I wish you the best!


  5. Heather
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 03:20:48

    Wonderful entry- best of luck with your change. You sometimes have to put yourself (your heart) first in order to be a great teacher. It’s hard sometimes but necessary to keep from burning out. You might the right choice and you will have an awesome year!


  6. Chrissy (@singalullaby on Twitter)
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 16:44:09

    Pitch Perfect! (Love your first line, lol!)

    Change is not easy for me, either. When I moved from Christian education to teaching in a large, urban, public school district last summer, I cried a lot. Not because I was sad- there was/is a lot of opportunity in the new situation- but because I was so overwhelmed. I just kept telling myself that it would all feel normal soon (the 21 days to build a habit thing). And it did.

    I’m excited for you! Don’t you feel stronger, having made this decision and moved into action? πŸ™‚
    Hugs, Chrissy


  7. CountryFun ChildCare (@CountryFunCC)
    Jul 18, 2014 @ 20:06:55

    When one sits and reflects, we’ll find the best teachers follow their hearts whether working with children, peers or finding our career path. We’ll also find the strength to challenge ourselves as we challenge our students. Congratulations on following your heart and accepting your challenge. Enjoy the new journey and keep stepping out.


  8. adunsiger
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 16:56:16

    I kind of do like change, even though change can be scary and sad. Like you, I’m making a similar change this year (add in a change of grade and of school make-up), and I’m very excited. Yes, I’ve shed many tears since making this difficult decision — starting probably initially when I told my wonderful principal that this is what I wanted to do — but I know (in my heart) that this was the right change for me to make. Thanks for writing a blog post that really spoke so loudly to all that I’m experiencing as well. Have a wonderful year! I hope that this change continues to be exactly what you want!



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