Winter Writing Activity: Snowballs Indoors

This writing activity stemmed from a sensory table my grade partner and I placed in our rooms.


Cloud Dough is everywhere on Pinterest, and is fun and messy. It’s flour mixed with baby oil. To that, I added some styrofoam balls from Dollarama, and they acted as snowballs. The students loved it.

Lately, we have been talking lots about how when you are a writer who is writing about many items, you need to add an ‘s’ to that word, and how at the end of a sentence we need to put a period. We talk about this when we do our visual schedule at the beginning of the morning and afternoon, as well as when we do attendance. This writing activity took the greatness of writing and the awesomeness of the sensory table and smooshed them together.

Here are the visual directions the students followed. Of course, we practiced this for three day in a row before having each student try individually.


The students enjoyed this activity and thought it was fun to make bigger and smaller snowballs. This activity focused on fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, and printing, as well as spatial awareness on the page), French language acquisition, sentence structure, learning a period comes at the end of a sentence, and how nouns can be in a singular and plural form.

Here are some samples of student work.

20131205-175531.jpg<br /
Ah, there's my coffee cup on the edge of the table with my coffee going cold inside again!




With the students who chose to do only a single snowball, we talked about why they needed to cross the ‘s’ out of the word ‘boule’.
I thought I would share this activity because it can really be done with any items you like, not just snowballs. Enjoy!