Patterns: The Final Task with “Draw & Tell” App

We have patterned everything to death. For many many weeks. So, it was time to assess the learning. Also, Demonstration of Learning is coming up and I wanted to include an e-Portfolio entry that summarized the students’ learning about patterns. Mostly I wanted to show that the students were able to create their own pattern and extend a pattern that was given to them.

I chose to use Draw & Tell because they have an amazing amount of stickers that the students can choose from to create their patterns.

First, when you open the app, choose a blank document.


I then asked the students to write their name using the colored pencil and to draw a line to divide the page. Writing their name is a MUST since there is no other way to distinguish who’s work belongs to who. It will also make exporting the video easier. I did this so they could create their own pattern at the top and then extend a given pattern at the bottom.


Touch the grumpy little bird to access all the stickers.


After the student creates their pattern at the top, I ask them to close their eyes so I can create a pattern at the bottom they need to extend. When they have finished, touch the pink microphone to record their voice explaining their pattern.


I asked them questions while they were recording to draw out their though process. I struggled with whether or not to ask them the questions in English or in French, since I knew I would have parents asking what the question was. However, it’s French immersion and I’m totally for speaking as much French as I can with the students. So I kinda went fifty fifty with it.

Click here to watch and listen to one example.

Click here to listen to one of my ADORABLE students. We are just best buddies forever.

Sharing with parents is fairly easy. I export to YouTube so I can include the URL in the students’ e-Portfolios and to be able to email the link directly to parents.


I write a short description of what was asked of the students during the task. Since I have 51 students you betta BELIEVE I COPY AND PASTE THAT BAD BOY.


Always make sure you upload the video as unlisted since we don’t want student work floating around the interwebz everywhere all the time.


When all the students have done one example with me, this will definitely be created into a station where they can work independently. Not every video will get exported to YouTube, but there will be some students who ask if I can “send it to mommy and daddy’s phone”. So I will. Because that’s the great part about these digital creations – sharing them!