“Do It Yourself, Kids”: Christmas Style

I tried a few new Christmas ideas in the classroom that have been working very well, So I thought I would share with you all.
The Christmas card area has been a HIT EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can check it out in my previous post.

With some large green poster board, I cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. I also included the stump of the tree by using brown paper. I purposefully didn’t put a tree or angel topper, since I wanted to see if a student would notice and make one themself.


The students had also worked on some gingerbread people the previous day, so I pinned those around the tree for a festive look.

On the counter, I left some small white piece of paper. The students could take the paper, draw their own circle, and make an ornament. They could cut it out, and then glue it to the tree.



It turned out well!


And I like how the students could go there whenever they wanted to.

I also wanted to put to use three wooden squares I had picked up at Goodwill over the summer. I stacked them one on top of the other to make it appealing to the students due to the heightsof the structure. I put out some red, green, and white modeling clay from the Dollar Store. I taped down 4 pieces of tan paper to the table to help define the space. I find that when I tape down paper, or use placemats, in different areas of the classroom that it helps the kids centre themselves, and lets them know how many people should be in one area at once.


The students loved it, and they used the wooden squares in great ways I never would have thought possible!


Check out those creative Christmas lights!

Also, marshmallows are super wintery and stuff, so I tried them with some rice in the sensory table.


I hope this gave you guys a few ideas for your classroom. 🙂


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