iPad vs. Paper: Christmas Card Writing

This station I have set up in my classroom really is the best of both worlds. A perfect balance between technology and the traditional paper and pencil. For serious!

My students loved the Mat Man activity so much, I decided to dedicate a few iPads to a new Christmas card writing area. Christmas cards and dirt cheap at the dollar store, and us kindergarten teachers know that students go through resources and various items like WATER. My students do anyways, and I have 49 of them. What’s with their obsession with tape? We can go through like 3 rolls a day if allowed. Guess that’s another blog post. 😉

Here is the look of the new station.


Less elaborate than previous stations, but very effective. There are two sides to the station, one for each student.

For a previous activity with cookie sheets and magnetic letters, I printed my students photos, mounted them on cardstock and placed a name label at the bottom.


Sorry for the blurred out face, name, and magnetic letters. Privacy protection, and all that jazz.
I also use these cardstock photos to organize our day, as seen in my previous posts.

I wanted to keep the names at the station for the students to be able to choose who they would like to write a Christmas card to. Their attention was so drawn to the iPad that I took a photo of each photo.


I then put them in a separate album. One album for the AM students and one for the PM students. I did this on two iPads. I also put up the “Handwriting Without Tears” letters framed to define the space, and help students form their letters properly.

Then I got a coworker of mine (thanks again!) to take overhead shots of me doing the steps of the activity. I write the name of the person who the card is going to first, then I write my name at the bottom, then I put the card in the envelope, then I write the name of the person who it’s going to on the outside of the envelope.


I took the photos off my digital camera and sized them onto a regular word document. I printed it twice, one for each side of the station.

I also dragged the “Photos” app to the bottom of the screen. This way students know when they come to this station, they know that’s the app they are able to use.

I also forgot to take the photos of two cute mailboxes I have. I put them on the table so when the students are done writing, they can put them in the mail box. At the end of each day we will empty it out, read the names of the students who have cards, and they can take them home.

Another successful self-managed ipad station in the classroom. Youpie! We will see how they like it tomorrow. Maybe I said “successful” too soon!



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