Making Number Posters: The “Digital Reggio” Way

There were a few people on the amazing #kinderchat talking about having students make posters in the classroom. I’m sorry folks, I can’t remember who exactly I was chatting with! I’m pretty sure it was @hechternacht and @Havalah but there could have been more, so sorry if I forgot you!

I got to talking about how Reggio and Reggio inspired classrooms have most items made by the students. No more trips to Education Station! I love the idea of having students make items for the classroom in order for it to be meaningful. We did it last year and I wanted to continue this year.
BUT I wanted to make it a little more “digital”.

Last year, I made numbers for the wall with my students by helping them trace numbers with pencils and then having them glue items on top. I plan on making our alphabet for the class with the help of our artsy hands and creativity, so something different was needed for numbers. So I guided the students towards completing the math activity with the help of the iPad.

I printed out the numbers 1 through 10 on cardstock. I also put a sticker in the top left hand corner (inspired by the Handwriting Without Tears program we are currently using parts of) so that the students didn’t confused 6 and 9 when they were working on their project.


I put them in a basket. The students chose a number and then had to go around the classroom and find that number of items. They then had to take a picture of the items next to the number.



Once they had done all 10 numbers, I printed the photos out, mounted them to black cardstock and taped them to the cupboard. Boom. Home. Made. Digital. Reggio. Number. Posters.



I would have liked for them to be a little lower on the cupboards for students to see easier, but as per usual, space is at a premium in a K class.
I think they look smashing however! I hope the students do too.


I think this is such a great math activity to do with all students. I would maybe make another set of cardstock numbers with super hero stickers, or boy friendly stickers, to get the reluctant boys a little more enthusiastic about the idea. All the students enjoyed the activity however, so I guess that’s a thought for the future.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandi Purdell-Lewis
    Nov 22, 2012 @ 06:22:56

    They do look smashing. I think the number posters in my room are going to find themselves changed up to something more child generated and authentic. Thanks for the inspiration and nudge.



  2. peaceloveandteachingblog
    Jul 28, 2017 @ 18:40:17

    LOVE this! I’m leaning more towards reggio “the digital way”! I love letting the kids take pictures of their work and displaying it for everyone to see. Thanks for a great idea!


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