Making It Inviting: Scissor Style

A huge part of being a Reggio Emilia inspired classroom is making the learning opportunities in the classroom look inviting.

I knew that with so many students, and a visit soon to be had by the OT, that I wanted to get started on scissor skills with my students right away. There are never enough hands and eyes to help correct students and help them use scissors properly.

I set up a few tables in my classroom to look like this:

I found the dark brown desk organizer at Value Village and used it to put paper and pencils in. I then made the scissors extra inviting by putting them in baby food jars with the labels taken off. I defined the space by getting some neutral coloured place mats from Superstore and placed the vase of flowers there for some inspiration (just in case!).

To make the pencils stand up and make them seem a little more useful, I put some kidney beans in the bottom.

The next day the students entered the classroom and saw this area, they were there in an INSTANT.

This speaks volumes as to how important the environment is. A stack of paper with a few pairs of scissors laying around would not have gotten anyone excited to practice cutting.

Of course, the excitement will wear off next week, and then I’ll put something different at the table to focus on something else.

Have you tried anything like this in your classroom?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandi Purdell-Lewis
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 05:48:38

    Love your kidney bean idea to make the pencils stand up. I may have to use that in our condiments baskets (from SuperStore) for extra supplies.
    This year I put paper and scissors in the sand table. It was budy – like ants to a picnic.



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